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Commercial a Brescia e Mantova

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A 360 degrees printing service

In the commercial sector it is essential to introduce yourself with quality material. For years, we have been dealing with the printing of catalogues, brochures, leaflets, table and wall calendars, as well as all the forms relating to the corporate brand. As consultants, versatility and quality allow us to distinguish ourselves from the competitors, also thanks to the professional bond we create with our customers. In fact, our experience is offered even before starting the printing process, that is, throughout the file checking, also in terms of graphic value, layout and development. Our commitment is the guarantee in the care and attention to detail that also characterize the prints dedicated to packaging and the publishing world. Discussing with the customer the choice of supports, the layout, and any critical issues that our experience allows us to identify, we guarantee results that come up to your expectations.

Printing of catalogues, brochures, leaflets, table and wall calendars, as well as all the forms relating to the corporate brand.

Thanks to our commitment to the continuous improvement of our machinery, as well as to our professional ethics, we can offer a solution that we like to define as 360 degrees printing. From prepress to delivery, we take care of following and treating each step with precision. As an added value, we strongly believe in the ennobling of the product, for this – in addition to types of offset and screen printing, hot foil print and embossing – we offer special finishes, such as die-cutting (useful for customizing the product).

Finally, the folding and the binding, either classic or with coloured metal spiral. Basic steps for table calendarsleaflets and brochures.

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