Publishing a Brescia e Mantova

A book can also be judged by its cover

A 360 degrees printing service

Our story begins with a passion for lithography. This has allowed us, over the years, to develop an ability for printing books, publications, magazines and technical manuals, also in small print runs. As consultants, our experience is also offered to customers in terms of graphic value, layout and development. It is a pride to mention the books, printed by us, of historical and cultural nature of our town. As for the prints dedicated to packaging for stockings, and for the commercial sector, and also with the publishing we carry out a careful control of the received files, discussing with the customer the choice of the supports, the layout, and any critical issues that our experience allows us to identify.

Printing books, publications, magazines and technical manuals, also in small print runs

Our machinery, continuously updated, allows us to meet the expectations of our customers, delivering a product that is the result of our 360 degrees printing service concept. Starting from the file control, in fact, we proceed to start printing, continuing with the control of subsequent processing, such as bending, sewing and possible packaging.

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